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Posted : adminOn 9/7/2018
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Review 1: The gist of the story is the 'college educated engineer yet waiting tables because I have issues' heroine Laurel meets Flynn the 'working class, macho tough guy construction worker by day/ boxer by night' and is immediately attracted to him, steps out of her comfort zone and asks him out.Flynn tells her he's not her type but then invites her to one of his underground boxing matches and says if that doesn't scare her off she can ask him out again. This is where Laurel learns that Flynn is into rough sex and gets invited to watch by his current friend with benefits. Personally - I prefer to be the center of attention so the whole voyeurism/we're just going to ignore you now thing - not so much.I was curious about the story because there's allot of buzz about the characters a. Cting out rape fantasies. Assuming someone is coming at this without personal triggers, I simply have to say that these are the lamest, sorriest excuses for rape fantasies.ever. I mean seriously, why even bother. There is some somewhat sort of rough sex but all in all really nothing to write home about.Flynn was a nice guy, no complaints about him.

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Laurel I wasn't crazy about, she had a slight aura of 'desperate' attached to her with her unspoken subliminal messages commanding/begging Flynn to 'fall in love with her' - very unattractive. Review 2: Thank you Goodreads friend for recommending this book to me!

I enjoyed the character development between Flynn and Laurel. Flynn didn't hide who he was to Laurel, he was upfront and honest with her. Laurel on the other hand was hiding and he helped to bring down those walls, he was able to read her and they learned how to trust.

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The sex was HOT and well written by the author. I look forward to reading more from this author!