Operation Flashpoint Cold War Crisis Patch 1.3

Posted : adminOn 9/3/2018
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13 rows  Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis - game update Upgrade #3 - Download Game update (patch) to Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis, a(n) action game, Upgrade #3, added on Tuesday, November 13, 2001.

This Patch updates the game to version 1.3, provides new opportunities for the multiplayer mode, missions, weapons, vehicles, etc. And removes errors detected so far. • New vehicles: BRDM, BMP-2, OH-58D Kiowa Warrior, Bradley • New weapons: G36A, bison, Steyr Aug, M16 with optics • New single-player missions: C01Convoy, C02Battlefields, B01: Ground Attack II, B02: HMMWV, B03: Chinook • New multi-player missions: 1-7, _C_Oilwar 1-8, _C_DesertAmbush 1-9, _T_Conquerors 1-10 _T_TeamFlagFight More information can be found on the patch can be found. Download Fonts Epson Ttf Aerospace. Hp Software Drivers there.

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Installation of Operation Flashpoint; developed by Bohemia Interactive, released in 2001 by Codemasters. Font Like Dot Matrix Printer. A tactical military combat shooter that has since been re-released by Bohemia Interactive as 'ArmA: Cold War Assault'. The memorable installation procedure of the original release plays several original quotes from Cold War era politics, set to the Soviet national anthem (followed by a piece of the original OFP soundtrack). For this video, the copying of files was deliberately slowed down in order to let the music play for a while longer (as it would have on slower systems of the day).