Oki Printer Toner Not Installed

Posted : adminOn 9/9/2018
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Php Serial Port Communication Linux Distros. • 474 Answers SOURCE: Does it have a control panel or buttons on the printer itself? If so, are any of them blinking or red? Sometimes an error will cause a pause in the printer and you have to press one of the buttons to get it to start back up again. This is the link to the manuf. I did a search on your model, theres a few so i guessed.


View and Download Oki C3400n maintenance manual online. • Do not install the printer at the place with little draught or without ventilation like a room with no. Printer is giving me a 'Toner Sensor Error' message. How do I clear this message so I can print? Click on this link for a quick, simple 'How To' instruction you can perform.

But the manuals are available along with drivers. Discourse And The Translator Hatim Pdf Printer there. I suggest you go and update them and go through the PDF and see if there is anything partaining to this issue.

I went through the PDF a bit and didnt see anything partaining to the PAUSE issue but try going through and see if anything is it. On the printer icon on the bottom right of your task bar, right click on the printer icon and see if you can select CANCEL print job, then try unpausing it. Also, power off and then power back on and see if that clears it. You may have to un-install the printer and re-install it and update the drivers to clear it. Sometimes a Print job will get stuck in que when theres a jam or something and it wont continue till the issue is resolved, then you open and close the top cover and that resets it, it rechecks then continues.

Posted on Feb 04, 2009. • 1684 Answers SOURCE: Hello, I had a customer with that problem and the issue was the toner cartridge. If you take it out of the photoconductor unit and look on the end there should be a metal connector tab. If you look on the left side of the photo unit you will see metallic contact points that need to connect to the metal tab. Oki has several toners that will physically fit in the B4600 but they have to be the ones with the metal tab to work right or you get the error. The correct toner part numbers are: 43502301 or 43502001 Check your toner for the tab is that is not the problem, get back with me and we can go from there. Buddy Corporate Computer www.ccl-la.com Posted on Aug 07, 2009.