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Discourse and the Translator both incorporates and moves beyond previous studies of translation. Its logical and informative approach to the problems of translation ensures that it will be essential for all those who work with languages 'in contact'. Incorporating research in sociolinguistics, discourse studies, pragmatics and semiotics, the authors analyse the process and product of translation in their social contexts. Through this analysis, the book emphasises the importance of the translator as a mediator between cultures.

Discourse And The Translator

In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: BOOK NOTICES 227 and links it to an Egyptian form, thus to ProtoAfrasian. In the first of the phonological papers, William Leben ('Intonation in Chadic: An overview', 199-218) offers a preliminary survey (mainly of Hausa) that provides a valuable starting point for further work on Chadic intonation. Download Tvs Pro X900 Printer Driver For Windows 7 32&64 Bit Version. Carleton Hodge, in 'Hausa and the prothetic alif' (219-32), carries forward his exploration of The possibility of an Afrasian initial 'V, which in this case accounts for the treatment of initial CC clusters in Hausa. Zygmunt Frajzyngier & Robert Koops ('Double epenthesis and N-class in Chadic', 233-50) combine Hodge's idea with an analysis by Paul Newman to arrive at a double epenthesis—first ofa vowel and then of a glottal stop or fricative—in Chadic. This leads to the discovery of an animate «-class in Hausa and some other West Chadic languages. In a historical paper, Hermann Jungraithmayr ('Is Hausa an early or late stage Chadic language?'

Hatim Basil & Mason Ian. Discourse and the translator. Language in Social Life Series.Longman, 1990, 258 pages. Discourse and the Translator is a book for people interested in the linguistic aspects of translation, mainly the possibilities that Discourse Analysis can bring to.

, 251-66) adopts Diakonoff's model of Afrasian 'stages' and concludes that Hausa is 'middle stage' in phonology and 'new stage' in vocabulary and verb morphology. Voigt ('Verbal conjugation in ProtoChadic ', 267-84) concludes that a prefix-conjugated aux in East Chadic is the source oflaterday final aspect vowels. He then compares East Chadic with Cushitic (which retains some prefix conjugations) and concludes that they form together a branch within Afrasian. It is not clear where Omotic (= 'West Cushitic'), fits here, since it lacks prefix conjugations; perhaps this should spur a further search for traces of prefix conjugation in Omotic. Finally, Sergio Baldi's 'On semantics of Arabic loan words in Hausa' (285-301) is a report on a forthcoming study of 1245 loans found in seven semantic domains, including words coming in via other African languages. He gives a useful sample of 124 examples. Install Windows Xp On Hp Dc 7900 Usff.