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CS1021 Discrete Mathematics Graham Gough School of Computer Science. Discrete Mathematics for Computing R Haggarty, Addison Wesley 2002 Discrete Mathematics and its Applications K H Rosen McGraw-Hill 2002 Background 1-16.

B>' This is a short, concise introduction to key mathematical ideas for computer scientists which develops their understanding of discrete mathematics and its application in computing. The author presents numerous worked examples and practice exercises with full solutions so readers see how to work with the mathematical concepts covered, thereby developing their own competence.

Reliance on previous mathematical experience is kept to a minimum, though some basic algebraic manipulation is required. The content constitutes an accepted core of mathematics for computer scientists (for example, the formal methods used in computer science draw heavily on the discrete mathematical concepts covered here, particularly logic, sets, relations and functions).

The topics are presented in a well defined, logical order that build upon each other and are constantly reinforced by worked examples. Emphasis is placed on clear and careful explanations of basic ideas and on building confidence in developing mathematical competence through carefully selected exercises. This book is designed for computer scientists with modest familiarity of mathematics who are looking to understand the more mathematical side of computing and programming concepts.

This book is a concise introduction to the key mathematical ideas that underpin computer science, continually stressing the application of discrete mathematics to computing. It is suitable for students with little or no knowledge of mathematics, and covers the key concepts in a simple and straightforward way. The theoretical ideas are constantly reinforced by worked examples and each chapter concludes with a mini case study showing a particular application. This provides further motivation to the reader to engage with the mathematical ideas involved, as well as demonstrating how the mathematics can be applied within a computing context. The book also contains carefully selected exercises for which full worked solutions are provided.

Features • Offers thorough treatment of key mathematical ideas of particular relevance to computing in order to develop students' understanding and confidence, and to demonstrate how the material can be applied in computing. • Presents numerous worked examples and practice exercises with full solutions so students see how to work with the mathematical concepts covered, thereby developing their own competence.

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