Php Update Form Data Into Database Administration

Posted : adminOn 9/16/2018
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Enctype= Multipart/form-data

How To Install Window 10 On Hp Compaq T5000. It is always good in helping out the people. You are doing a good job i well appreciate you in posting wonderful tutorials helping newbies to learn basics.

I have read the all the comments people raised lot of problems. I found there was only one error in this code which is causing not to inserting data into the mysql database in this code except everything ok working fine for me.

First of all, I have created HTML form, in which method is set to post,to hide values in URL which flows on form submission. Next, I wrote PHP code where the main functionality of insertion of values into database is performed. Healthpointe 2 0 Programmer.

————————————————— See The Error Here: INSERT INTO login_admin (user_name, user_pass) VALUES ( ‘swashata’, SHA(‘swashata’) ) Fix: just remove that single in [‘swashata’,SHA(‘swashata’)] quotes and type it again from your keyboard. Then this query will execute successfully.

This was the one and only error that faced and rectified. Guys i hope you understood Thank you!