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Posted : adminOn 9/3/2018
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I need a serial number generator and accompanying checker. I would like to be able to set a salt (and maybe a length). The generator should only produce serial numbers that pass the test of the checker. Those numbers should only account for a small fraction of all the possible numbers of the given length.

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The algorithm needn't be cryptographically secure. Hp 4520 Probook Drivers For Windows 7 on this page. Discrete Mathematics For Computing Rod Hagerty Pdf Printer. Download Video Buat Hp Di Mana Atau Di Mana. Rather, it should be very easy to implement (in javascript) and it should be very fast. To clarify: If you buy commercial software, it is sometimes protected with a serial number/a key.

If you type it in, the software verifies it algorithmically (by checking whether it fulfills certain properties), rather than looking up a huge database. I'm also pretty sure that the keys were all generated algorithmically rather than by hand. And only a small fraction of all the possible keys of a given length are actually valid so it's hard to guess keys. Salt: I don't know whether salt is the right word, but the algorithm should have at least one parameter, whose choice alters the generated keys (so that multiple people can use the same algorithm and needn't fear collisions). Javascript is primarily a client side language, so everyone will see ur algorithm. (there is ssjs, but who uses it??).