Install Windows Xp On Hp Dc 7900

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Install Windows Xp On External Hard Drive

Install Windows Xp On Hp Dc 7900 Sff Specs For Less The HP Compaq dc7900 NV480UT Desktop PC comes with 2GB DDR2 of RAM, a Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 2. Operation Flashpoint Cold War Crisis No Cd Patch. 93GHz processor, and a 160GB hard drive. Exceed your productivity expectations with the ideal PC designed for the busy.

• Using eSATA on HP Compaq dc7900 Business PCs Introduction..2 Benefits of eSATA. • Introduction HP introduced SATA technology for internal mass storage devices in HP Compaq Business PCs in 2003. SATA replaced the old PATA (Parallel ATA) interface as the industry standard interface between a com- puter system and a mass storage device. This high performance interface has proven to be reliable and is well accepted. • BIOS / Software / Hardware Considerations BIOS Interface The system BIOS enumerates eSATA devices as removable storage devices. There is no F1 notification with the insertion or removal of an eSATA device.

The Removable Media Boot option in F10 Setup applies to eSATA devices and can be set at Storage >Storage Options. • The SATA emulation mode can be set in F10 Setup at Storage >Storage Options >SATA Emula- tion. Default is AHCI. Hp Laserjet 1020 Ppd File. The SATA emulation mode is set to AHCI by default. This differs from previous HP Compaq dc7xxx Busi- ness PCs, which had a default SATA emulation mode of IDE (legacy). • SATA emulation mode of AHCI or RAID in BIOS (See “BIOS Interface” on page The Windows XP or Vista image that ships with the HP Compaq dc7900 Business PC has the Intel AHCI driver (iastor.sys) pre-loaded.

The system can be freely switched to and from IDE to AHCI. • New operating system installation. A fresh installation of Windows XP or Vista, while in AHCI mode, is the most straightforward way to install the AHCI driver. Windows XP requires addition of the Intel AHCI driver with the F6 option during installation. Windows Vista has native AHCI support so either the native AHCI driver is used or the Intel AHCI driver can be added. • C: AddAHCI The preinstalled XP AHCI driver is located at C: Compaq MSD. The preinstalled Vista AHCI driver is located at C: SWSetup Drivers MSD.

Canon Ir2016j Photocopier Driver. • AHCI controller must match what is in the INF or the AHCI driver will fail and the system will not boot. Hardware Both SFF and CMT form factors of HP Compaq dc7900 Business PCs have an eSATA connector on the system board.

• Figure 5 Internal eSATA cable and bracket Figure 6 eSATA connector and bracket on an HP Compaq dc7900 SFF. Kodak All In One Printer Home Center Software. • Figure 7 eSATA hard drive connecting to the eSATA bracket port Limitations eSATA hot-plugging is available only with BIOS and operating system support. ESATA hot-plugging is not possible in an operating system without an AHCI driver that supports hot-plugging such as DOS, Win- dows 9x, Windows NT4.0, and older versions of Linux.