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Victoria 7910

• I n g e n i c o 7910. • Contents Presentation...5 Overview of Ingenico 7910..6 Keyboard details and functionality..7 Use... 9 Card reading...9 Terminal maintenance..9 Changing the roll of paper..10 Installation and starting..11 Location of the terminal.. 11 Battery pack set up.. • Ingenico 5300 – hand over Ingenico 7300 – portable Your model, the Ingenico 7910 is an Indoor Wireless GSM/GPRS terminal.

7910 Series Programmable Counter. Best Free 3d Printer Design Software. • Data communications port for printer or computer interface • Built-in self-diagnostics and power line fault detection.

It answers the requirements of the hospitality and indoor mobile sectors: fast service, long life battery, convenience and flexibility. Highly secured, EMV level 2 certified, Ingenico 7910 GPRS payment terminal enables you to pay wherever you are with all the security provided by Ingenico’s High Security Core and UNICAPT™.

• 1 Presentation Ingenico 7910 is an electronic payment terminal designed to accept payment using magnetic stripe and smart cards. The terminal box contains: Ingenico 7910 handheld the power supply, this manual, the EC compliance booklet. Coprocessor Driver For Hp Dv6000 White. The model of the power supply unit depend on the country. • Ingenico 7910 1.1 Overview of Ingenico 7910 'Easy loading' printer Backlit graphic screen 18-key backlit keyboard Magnetic stripe reader Smart card reader Power supply port RS323 port Back view of the terminal plug.

• 1.2 Keyboard details and functionality This chapter describes the key functions for a terminal with no specific application. Some keys can have other functions according to the applications that are present in the terminal. The navigation keys navigate in The function key accesses the the terminal menus different system and application menus. • Ingenico 7910. • For the battery charging refer to chapter 3 “Installation and starting”. Before to use the terminal, always check if the roll of paper is present!

In order to extend battery life, the Ingenico 7910 terminal goes automatically into stand-by after a few dozen seconds. • Ingenico 7910 2.3 Changing the roll of paper Ingenico 7910 features an 'easy loading' printer, for easy paper roll replacement.

Switch the terminal off before doing this operation. Don’t touch the printer mechanism. Install Printer Driver Programmatically Change. Take care the paper cutter is very sharp and.

• 3 Installation and starting 3.1 Location of the terminal Ingenico 7910 is an Indoor wireless terminal supplied with a Lithium – Ion battery pack easy removable. It enables you to use i7910 for up to 200 transactions giving you enough power to ensure a complete working day. • Ingenico 7910 3.2 Battery pack set up Don’t touch the terminal on battery connectors Hold the battery with the connectors facing downwards, Position the battery lugs in the two terminal housings, Press the battery to close; you should hear a 'click'.

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