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Posted : adminOn 9/9/2018
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Micro Focus Fortify WebInspect dynamic application security testing (DAST) software is a dynamic analysis tool that finds and prioritizes vunerabilities across thousands of applications and provides comprehensive visibility. Download the free trial here.

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It used to be that there was a Demo Licence (bound to scan only zero.webappsecurity.com) and an Evaluation Licence (specially cut activation token that allowed scanning of 1x potential customer's website). Hp Compaq 6710b Recovery Cd. WebInspect out-of-the-box was essentially in Demo Licence mode. Now it seems the Demo Licence has been renamed Evaluation Licence, and the signup process for the Evaluation Licence takes a potential customer's details yet yeilds no Activation Token, leaving the potential customer licence-less. Now WebInspect out-of-the-box is useless without an Activation Token.

I noticed this last week when attempting to setup some customers with Demo Licences for training purposes. Download Game Java Jar Khusus Hp Cina. Lasersoft Imaging Silverfast Ai Studio Epson Stand-alone V6.. Would be nice to know if the old Evaluation Licence is still available, whether the new Evaluation Licence is in fact the same as the old Demo Licence, and if I'm missing something in terms of acquiring an Activation Token via the new license request process. Besides the various HP terminology you may see on our web site, we still call these Activation Tokens 'Trial Licenses' and 'Evaluation Licenses' internally.

The Trial License is free to anyone who can run the product and fill out the offered form. The Evaluation License is that same Activation Token that has been modified by a Sales rep to allow any or more IP ranges and/or extended the period beyond 15 days. Unfortunately, if you go to our main web site to download WebInspect, i. Hp Officejet Pro L7680 All-in-one Inkjet Printer. e. You will have to fill out an HP form to be sent the download link. This e-mail will only provide you an Order#, and directions to log onto a 'Webware' web site using your (free) HP Passport account. Once on the Webware site, you then submit the Order# to 'redeem' your license and to be allowed to download the install binary, and at that time the Activation Token is e-mailed to you.

The binary you will receive will have a cryptic name such as T8245.exe' rather than something simple such as 'webinspectinstall.exe'. This is a lot of work for an evaluator, since as you know the product itself will realize the missing license when you install it, and it will ask you for your Token, plus offer you a new form to fill out to have a Trial License e-mailed to you. This form really does send you the Token immediately!

I would forego the whole download-from-the-main-HP-ASC-site process and simply fetch the install binary from the following link. This way you only fill out one form. You will still need to sent a request to HP ASC Sales team 'qmsecuritysales @ hp. Com' with your contact information asking that someone contact you back and alter your Trial to an Evaluation, but that is pretty quick as well if you are clear and direct. The Trial License is still limited to 15 days, 100 scans, and may only be used against our ZERO test server. The details on that server have been expanded with our acquisition, but it is represented by the following redirects: zero.webappsecurity.com zero-pro.austin.hp.com A long time ago the Trial License permitted scans of localhost ( also, but thanks to people like skywalker_wang@yahoo.cn and his 20-30 consecutive downloads that is no longer allowed.

I think he actually installed WebInspect on his web servers! Here is an addendum to this process..

For those who want to have a look at what WebInspect can do, there is a available. Note that you will need to provide a valid email address to receive your trial license key, and you will also need to install SQL Server 2005 or (free download from Microsoft [36MB]). There is a test website you can scan for vulnerabilities at, which is fortunate because this is the only website you can scan with your trial license Also, you may wish to turn off some of the resident protection software that is part of your anti-virus package, as it may block some of the WebInspect tests.