Lasersoft Imaging Silverfast Ai Studio Epson Stand-alone V6.

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Lasersoft Imaging Silverfast Ai Studio Epson Stand-alone V6.

• • • • SilverFast 8.8 ⿿ History Feature • SilverFast 8.5 - Neutral Pipette • SilverFast 8.5 - Selective Color Correction SCC Improve the quality of your scans while making the scanning process easier and more enjoyable with the SilverFast Ai Studio 8 Scanner Software for Nikon LS 4000ED from LaserSoft Imaging. The software is optimized for your specific scanner and features auto IT8 calibration, histogram, brightness, color correction, grayscale conversion, dust and scratch removal, contrast, auto-adjust options, and more. Photographers will appreciate the ability to improve dynamic range, sharpness, and dust and scratch removal. In many circumstances, using SilverFast can provide the software capabilities you need for instances where the original manufacturer's software is not up-to-date, or doesn't have specific features required to get the most from your scanner.

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Scanner enhancement software For film scanners WorkflowPilot: Provides step-by-step assistance for every workflow Preview Concept: Allows immediate control of any image adjustment Multi-Exposure: Increases dynamic range for maximum details NegaFix: Color-accurate negative to positive conversion Multi-Tasking: Increases dynamic range for maximum details Auto Frame: Automatic frame detection and alignment Automated and custom tools Supports Photoshop CS3 to CS6 and CC Supports Photoshop Elements 8 to 12 Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10 (64-bit) compatible Mac OS X 10.5 and later compatible.

Press Release: For years SilverFast has been a proven and successful platform for scanning, reading, processing and editing digital images. Both the ambitious amateur and the professional photographer as well as media service providers are immediately able to use the new function and to optimise the colour correctness of their scanner, by merely two mouse clicks. This is the only completely automatic IT8 calibration in the world to date! Once the (reflective or transparent) LaserSoft Imaging IT8-target is placed on the scanner, it only takes a single mouse click to start the process. Even if the target was not properly aligned on the scanner: the automatic frame alignment and rotation function will resolve the issue. Canon Powershot Sx500 Is Manual Download more.

The target is overlaid with a measuring grid and the corresponding reference data file is identified by means of the integrated barcode (patented procedure). This file contains the exact values of each colour field on the target, followed by the calculation and creation of the ICC profile – the entire process is automatic and ends with the confirmation of the successful calibration. This automatic IT8-Calibration function is available in all 6. Hp Elitebook 8560w Drivers Fingerprint Art. 5.0r6 (or later) SilverFast Studio versions SilverFast Ai, HDR and DCPro can be optionally upgraded.