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Posted : adminOn 9/4/2018
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I got an HP Elitebook 8440p because I wanted something a little newer and faster than my old Dell E1505. It was certainly newer and faster, but it had a problem. Every morning it greeted me with a BSOD. That E1505 was getting older and it had its own quirks, but I don’t remember it ever bluescreening on me. Here’s how I fixed the bluescreens I got with the HP Elitebook 8440p and Windows 10. Not only did it bluescreen, but the behavior seemed pretty consistent. Two days in a row, I woke the laptop up from hibernation, and about nine minutes later, it bluescreened.

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I buy off-lease business laptops because they than consumer models. This is an example of having to solve problems that don’t exist so much in the consumer space due to attrition. HP doesn’t provide updated Windows 10 drivers for the Elitebook 8440p. Intel doesn’t provide much in the way of Windows 10 drivers that work on the 8440p either. I may have found a couple that work, but most of the drivers just throw “unknown error” when you try to install them on an 8440p.

Pilote Epson Stylus 740 Windows 7. When I dug into it, I saw that the last Intel drivers that worked for those chips date to 2011 or 2012. Intel provides drivers for download but recommends you get them from the computer manufacturer instead. So I went to HP and looked. Usually HP’s drivers had a slightly newer date than Intel’s.

Of course, Windows 10 didn’t exist in 2011 and 2012. These are all Windows 7 drivers. But usually drivers from as far back as will work in Windows 10. So I went to and entered “elitebook 8440p” and downloaded every single driver I could find. I also downloaded the last BIOS for it. Along the way, I also installed.

From it, I could quickly figure out it was the NT Kernel that was dying. Installer Une Imprimante Canon Sur Ubuntu Wallpaper. After researching, I found that a number of other brands of elderly Intel i5-based laptops have similar issues. The common link seems to be the SATA drivers.

SATA drivers are among the drivers HP provides. So I installed all of those drivers, noting they’re newer than most of the default generic Windows 10 drivers my laptop was using. After updating the BIOS and installing those drivers seemed to make the bluescreens less frequent, but didn’t completely eliminate them. Ultimately, the only cure was to disable hibernation.