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Pole Shift Torpedoed by Author By David Sunfellow When John White first published 'Pole Shift' in 1980, his book sent re-affirming shocks waves through the earth changes community. Many earth change believers (including this reporter) believed White's book 'proved' that Edgar Cayce, and a host of other psychics, had correctly foreseen a. The Goddess Sekhmet Robert Masters Pdf Printer more. Pole Shift: Scientific Predictions and Prophecies About the Ultimate Disaster [John White] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Here is a pdf file showing a quick view of which way. I'm not talking here about a magnetic Pole Shift. Canon Ir3300 Hdd Software Management here.

P ole Shift is a term used to describe a range of theories that includes an alteration to or even the complete reversal of the magnetic poles, a change to the axis of rotation of the entire planet as well as a possible sudden movement of the outer crust of the Earth relative to its axis. The magnetic poles are always on the move and well documented, while their complete reversal is a much slower process, previous reversals have left us geological ‘fingerprints’. It is suggested that another reversal is imminent, while some ‘prophets of doom’ have nominated late 2013 for the event, with dire consequences for mankind (f). The latest data shows drift of about 40 miles a year, with a recent movement of 161 miles in just six months, creating navigation problems and the re-designation of airport runways which are named after their compass orientation (i). The idea of wandering (magnetic) Poles was first proposed by the German priest Damian Kreichgauer(1859-1940) (g) in 1902 [], although at the time he found little support for the concept. The late Terrence Aym was of the opinion (l) that a magnetic pole reversal was a sign that the next Ice Age was beginning!

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Today, NASA provides us with a more sober view of the phenomenon of magnetic pole shifts. There are a number of variations on the basic concept of an axial change and an array of suggestions for the date of the last displacement. Generally speaking the mechanism required to cause such a catastrophe is believed to be an impact by or close encounter with a large or comet. The continuing discovery of huge impact craters around the globe reinforces this possibility. However, recent studies have identified other processes that may have led to polar changes in the past (e). Hp Connection Manager Windows 7 Download Free.