Craftsman 5hp Chipper Shredder Manual

Posted : adminOn 9/5/2018
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Sears Craftsman 5hp Chipper Shredder Manual

Ushpizin. Craftsman 8.5 HP Chipper Shredder Information By Misty Faucheux; Updated September 21, 2017 Craftsman, a brand sold by Sears, created the Craftsman 8.5 horsepower chipper/shredder model 247.775880, which was first released in 1996.

Specifications The Craftsman model 247.775880 chipper/shedder produces up to 8.5 horsepower. The fuel tank holds up to 4 qt. Hp Mediasmart For Windows 7 32-bit. Of unleaded gasoline, and the crankcase tank holds up to 26 oz. Use only SAE 30 engine oil when the temperature is above 32 degrees Fahrenheit, and only use 5W30 engine oil when the temperature is below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. The tire pressure is 24 psi.

The machine uses a Champion (N4C) spark plug, and the spark plug gap is 0.030. This chipper/shredder comes with a discharge chute, chipper chute, catcher bag and hopper. Operation You can feed branches and stalks up to 3 inches in diameter into the chipper chute. The hopper handles small branches, twigs and leaves up to 1 inch in diameter. You also have a hopper release bar to lower or raise the hopper into position.

The Craftsman chipper/shredder comes with a throttle control, which controls the engine speed, and a rear wheel lock lever, which keeps your rear wheels from moving while you're chipping material. This machine also has a starter handle for starting your engine and a choke lever, which helps you start your engine when it's cold. Maintenance Clean your Craftsman model 247.775880 chipper/shedder after every use.