Php Mysqli Extension Is Missing Windows Services

Posted : adminOn 9/12/2018
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Mysqli Php

However, even if it were an actual PHP extension, it is not the mysql extension, and thus it is very unlikely to have the exact same functions (with identical signatures) that WordPress is expecting, and thus would not work anyway. Hp Deskjet 5600 Driver Windows 7 Download.

This question already has an answer here: • 4 answers • 1 answer • 1 answer This is NOT a duplicate question, as I stated.I've already tryed solutions found here on Stack overflow. Most of the questions related to older versions of XAMPP and none of the solutions worked. Hence the reason I posted's a newer version of XAMPP and pretty much everything the solutions suggest are already live in the config files. So no, this is NOT a duplicate. Okay, I've tired asking this on the Apache Friends Forum and got no response on how to fix it.

I've also tired solutions that I've found here, none have worked. I have XAMPP for Windows v7.1.6, a fresh install on a new machine. I've checked my php. Descargar Programa Para Resetear Impresora Canon Mp280. ini file and the mysqli.dll file is correctly listed and not commented out. I have started the MySQL server and attempted to access phpMyAdmin via localhost/phpmyadmin and I get the error message: The mysqli extension is missing. Please check your PHP configuration. See our documentation for more information.

My phpinfo() output located at: I'm trying to get this up so I can continue a project I'm working on but can't seem to get phpMyAdmin to work at all. Any help anyone can provide would be wonderful. If you want to see my full php.ini file, in the even that maybe I missed something, I'd be happy to paste that in here as well. Driver Epson Lq 2500 Xperience there.

Thanks in advance for everyone's help! Annum Per Annum Arvo Part Pdf Printer there.