Install Ubuntu On Hp Touchsmart Tm2 Battery

Posted : adminOn 9/6/2018
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Install Ubuntu On Hp Touchsmart Tm2 Battery

So with the release of the new ubuntu, I decided to dual boot my TM2. Here's how it went: USB Drive and Backup I downloaded the Ubuntu 10.04 image (I downloaded the 64-bit, though the 32-bit might be better supported), and put it on my flash drive using this.

This let me also put Parted Magic on my flash drive so I could backup everything by ghosting it to an external hard drive. You can also use, and I think you can also download the Netbook Remix version and it will install itself on a USB stick. Cara Lagu Dari Komputer Ke Hp Pake Kabel Data.

Source Code Sistem Informasi Penjualan Dengan Php Dan Mysql. Partition Troubles Unfortuantely the disk is formated as MBR, which only allows maximum of 4 partitions. When I reinstalled Windows 7, it created a 200mb system parition, and plus the recovery partition and HP_tools parition, that's 4. Even if I hadn't reinstalled windows, generally you want two partitions for Ubuntu, one for the OS, and one for the swap space. There's not really a good solution to this, since you must reformat a drive to convert it to GPT (GUID Table), which allows more partitions. You might be able to use some complicated ghosting of partitions, and using extended partitions.

I don't know. I decided since I made the restore DVDs that I'd just blow away the HP Partitions. I deleted those partitions.

Right-click on Computer, manage, disk management, then right-click on the HP partitions and delete. I shrunk the windows C: partition to give me 40GB free space, which seemed like more than enough.

Installing Pop in the USB stick, and started it up. I already had the laptop set to try to boot to USB first, and can't remember off the top of my head how to change it. How To Install Ciss On Hp Printer. Maybe hit ESC or F8 on the boot screen?

Ubuntu boots up nicely, click the install ubuntu icon on the desktop, choose all the defaults. That was easy.

Post-Install Worked right out of the box. - speakers - multi-touch screen - watcom complier - wireless & bluetooth - touchpad multi-touch - webcam What didn't work. - microphone array After installing updates, it prompted to install the ATI drivers because they're proprietary. Upon restart, all I get is a black screen even in recovery mode. I gave up and reinstalled.

Click to expand.During the 10.04 Beta I knew that there was some issues with multi-touch due to the new Wacom driver implementation. For the multi-touch to work properly, Ubuntu needs to be using a new version of the linux kernel. Not like you'd really notice though, Ubuntu doesn't have any decent examples of multi-touch. A bigger issue however is that the ATI Graphics card is stuck on by default, making battery life and power management a giant cluster F. Some work on graphics card switching is being attempted with a project called something along the lines of vga_switcheroo, but I couldn't get it working during the 10.04 Beta. I'm currently doing finals at school right now, so I can't exactly go fiddling around with partitions. In a week or two I might give it a shot though.