Posted : adminOn 9/3/2018
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Install and use the HP Scan and Capture app for Windows 8 and 10.

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I downloaded this program as a replacement for 'HP Scan' after I upgraded to windows 10. I use the program to scan multi-page documents for work. The scans look ok, but if you accidentally click on a single page before the scan is complete, then it deletes all previous pages, while the scanner keeps going. I really can't recommend this program with issues with this. Hp Regulatory Model Fclsd 0508 Manual Muscle more. *edit* One week later - This program continues to make my life harder than with the old HP scan app I used on Win7. Now, if I rotate any of the pages in my multi-document scan, it duplicates those pages at the top of the document, causing the pages to be out of order. This is quite a poor quality app. Download Canon Utilities Zoom Browser Ex For Windows more.

It's exactly the kind of thing I expect from HP.*edit2* I have managed to get this program to work in this way: After I make changes to the scanned pages, I press the 'Deselect all' button, and then the 'select all' button. It will save the document properly this way.*edit3* This program is still unreliable. It's actually a nice layout with the app, and I'm usually not a fan of change (compare 10 years ago). I'm not sure I like having a program that installs with the printer that only links you to another program to work, it feels cluttery and complicated as a user, though I can see pluses to it from the coding side, though I'm only a novice there so I know enough to get me into trouble.