Hp Vectra Vl420 Mt Drivers

Posted : adminOn 9/1/2018
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Hi, i have an old Vectra VL420 Mt and on the past November it has failed on boot. The first symptom was a problem with the graphic windows, where in the windows had disappeared the three icons in the upper right: closing, minimizing, icons magnification. So there were some lines that are not defined on the monitor. Then the next boot was interrupted.

Hp Vectra Vl420 Mt Drivers

I have checked in the 'beep error codes' and my case is 'Number of beeps emitted: 0 - without 'buzz' audio signal'; after the control of all cables correctly plugged i have thought that is the mainboard to by replace. In details the problem is the follow: - pressing the power button no audio signal e no drive detected (floppy drive, cd-rom drive, cd-burner drive, hard disk drive) only light up the cooling fan (processor and case's fans) and the green LEDs on the PCI bus. Keygen Epson L210 more. Black screen. - pressing the power button more than 5 seconds, there is the buzz initial sequence and after no beep code, '0 beep'. - disconnecting the 2 data cables of cd drive and pressing the power button the drive were detected (excepted floppy drive and hard drive) but no video signal with black screen. I have checked the level of tension on power plug of the floppy drive and are present +5V and +12V but this drive are not detected.

I have changed with another floppy drive (properly functioning) but there is the same problem. - i have changed the mainboard with another used, but remaining the same problem. - Also after disconnecting (in succession) the video card, or the RAM, or all the disco drive remaining the problem. Kyocera Torque Stuck In Mode more. - I have 2 other pc Vectra VL420 functioning properly and I would be tempted to try to disconnect / connect the individual components but I'm afraid I do on these problems, so avoid it. What could be the cause of the problem? Best regards.

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