Hp System Software Manager 2.10

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Hp System Software Manager 2.10

HP System Software Manager (SSM) is a utility that supports unattended upgrade/installation of drivers, system agents, and system ROM on multiple PCs simultaneously from a centralized file store without implementing a software distribution infrastructure. ENHANCEMENTSFIXES: SSM 2.10 Rev A - SoftPaq Number SP42536 - BIOSCONFIGUTILITY.EXE: BCU looks for the BCUErr.cfg in the path of the executable. Previously it needed the file in the current path. If no error translations is needed, use the default configuration file included in the softpaq. - SSM.EXE: Updates to SSM User Guide to include Win 7 support and clarify the usage of OS tag in DetailFileInformation section. Use [,] to specify OS instead of [;]. Drivers Epson Stylus D88 Para Windows 7 there.

HP System Software Manager Utility 2.10 Rev A free download address. HP System Software Manager Utility 2.10 Rev A New HP System Software Manager (SSM) is a utility that supports unattended upgrade/installation of drivers. Jan 05, 2010  Hp - Other drivers/tools - HP System Software Manager Utility 2.10 download drivers free.

- SSM.EXE: Reverted the DetailFileInformation section processing to the same as v2.00G. In version 2.10 A1, we had changed the behavior to 'AND' so SSM would look for ALL the files applicable to the current OS and would install the app if any one or more files were missing or of older version. This broke a number of softpaqs which relied on the previous functionality where SSM would consider the application as installed if atleast one key file was found and the version was the same or newer than the update. Otherwise, if no key files were found or the version of all key files found were older, SSM will install the application. To support the 'AND' behavior we would need to add some syntactical knowledge to the CVA specification which SSM would support in a future release. - BIOSCONFIGUTILITY.EXE: Added support for error translation using a configuration file.

BCU will translate return error codes from BCUErr. Hp Deskjet 930c Driver Download For Windows 7 64 Bit. cfg, if present. Otherwise it returns the original error code. A default BCUErr.cfg is included in the softpaq. - BIOSCONFIGUTILITY.EXE: Non-Readonly HP_BIOSInteger fields are written to the GetConfig file. Previously BCU completely ignored the HP_BIOSInteger settings. - SSM.EXE: Msi based installs which return 3010 (ERROR_SUCCESS_REBOOT_REQUIRED) are written in the 'Updates Performed' section of log file. Previously they were written to the 'Errors' section.

- SSM.EXE: Since the Windows 7 Product types are still not fully defined in MS SDK, SSM will put 'XX' for the product types it does not yet understand. For ex: W732XX. Accordingly, in DetailFileInformation section of cva, SSM now will only match the first 4 characters of the OS tag. For Ex: [DetailFileInformation] TestReturnApp.exe=Hewlett-PackardTestSSM,0x0001,0x0000,0x0000,0x0000,WV32PR SSM will look for the key file, TestReturnApp.exe in all types of 32 bit Vista. The above key file in effect can be written as, [DetailFileInformation] TestReturnApp.exe=Hewlett-PackardTestSSM,0x0001,0x0000,0x0000,0x0000,WV32 - BIOSCONFIGUTILITY.EXE, SSM.EXE: Added support for PwdSetFrom flag in WMI for EFI notebooks. Now setup password is encoded in keyboard scan codes if PwdSetFrom is set to F10 (=0) - SSM.EXE: Added CVA version to log and ssm trace files. Epson R230 Printer Flash Software Free Download.