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Posted : adminOn 9/2/2018
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@Mrstenter, I don't think you're understanding the topic at hand. HP Support Assistant won't see that Windows 10 is a viable OS for this laptop, so, it won't find anything for it. While most of the components do indeed have several updates, available from the component OEM, HP has been terrible about supporting this 'Enterprise-Grade' 'Elite' mobile Workstation. The Support Site for the 8540w has been a mess, and terribly inconsistent, pretty much the whole time it's been available, it's a big reason that when it was time for a platform update, I went for a Dell M4800 instead of the comparible EliteBook/ZenBook/ProBook. Now, @ as far as Windows 10 is concerned; I let the upgrade happen to mine: I tried 8 and 8.1 out on it, and went back to 7 both times.

Hp Elitebook 8540w Fingerprint Drivers

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10 has been good so far. All of the drivers I have in place before the upgrade were still in place after the upgrade, which was nice, and even OneDrive is syncing, despite the fact that I don't login with my hotmail account. If you do rely on the mobile broadband card, you'll probably be a bit stuck there. I haven't tried the fingerprint reader out again, yet, because even in 7, the weird blend of Validity and ProtectTools never really jived for me, plus, PT only integrated with IE, which, I basically never use, so it was pretty worthless once the laptop is initially unlocked. If you want to get most of your drivers updated before the upgrade, here's links to everything I use, from legitimate sources (Intel, AMD or Nvidia, HP) From HP: From AMD: Choice 1: FirePro Mobile, specifically for this laptop Choice 2: Radeon Mobile, which works fine From Intel: Wireless (I have the 6300, so that's what I'm linking) I'd recommend the driver-only package, PROSet is not that useful for normal WiFi needs.

Hi, Thank you for visiting the HP Forums! A great place where you can find solutions for your issues, with help from the community! I also recommend to back up your files pictures and music too, just in case The transition to Windows 10 will be smooth and easy, but if there is an issue you will have all the necessary tools to restore your Computer and your precious documents. Here are links to Backing up your Data. And Here are links on Creating recovery discs or a USB flash drive. Here are links that will help if the Recovery Media fails for some reason. And finally here is to the HP Support Assistant if you need it.

Canon Ir3300 Scanner Driver For Windows 7 32 Bit Download. Just download and run the application and it will help with the software and drivers on your system that need updating. I hope this helps anyone with the transition to Windows 10. I'm not sure that is a helpful reponse. I have tried an upgrade from Win & to WIn 10 with my Elitebook 8540w and find the fingerprint recognition drivers do not work in 10 - and as HP has no Connection Manager for WIn 10 for this Elitebook, Connection Manager and the Ericcson SIM software are both disabled.