How To Unhide Files In Recovery Partition Hp Desktop

Posted : adminOn 9/8/2018
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Why restore HP Recovery Partition? HP Recovery Partition is a portion of your disk drive that contains factory system state information. This partition allows you to rollback Windows operating system to original status at your will on HP PCs, such as HP Pavilion, HP Mini and HP Envy. HP Recovery Partition usually takes up 10 to 20 GBs disk space and labeled “HP RECOVERY” on D or E drive. Driver Printer Olivetti Pr2 Plus Printer. In a few cases, it will be set as hidden partition so you won’t see it showing in Windows File Explorer.

How To Unhide Files In Pendrive

There are several situations that you need to restore HP Recovery Partition in Windows 7/8/10/XP/Vista. In the first place, you delete the partition accidentally or by mistake. Second, you backed up the Recovery Partition to another storage device and delete it on purpose so that you can. Hp Samsung Wave 533 Theme. Third, the hard drive is failing and you cannot access to the Recovery Partition. Restoring HP recovery drive to new hard drive helps you get Windows back to life. What do you need to do before restoring?