Free Rip Software For Epson 1430 Screen

Posted : adminOn 9/8/2018
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Does your inkjet printer not lay down enough black ink to burn a good screen? You need T-RIP 2.0. Epson Artisan 1430 was the printer. T-RIP Software, All Rights. Our new Epson 1430 Blackmax LT System is sleek, fast, and more affordable than ever. We've partnered the BLACKMAX™ ink system with our special AccuRip software which directs the printer to draw.

Free Rip Software For Epson 1430 Screen

Check out our all black Canon IX6800 Factory Refurbished Epson 1430 13' x 19' Film Output Solutions. • Large 13x19 output • Money saving refillable ink system • Works with or without a RIP • Quality ink made in America • Manufacturer 1 year warranty on printer • 1 year warranty on cartridges • Free domestic shipping • Free tech support Now offering an ALL BLACK 13'x19' desktop film output solution. This system is great for a small to medium size shop. Canon Mf5700 Driver Windows 10. Using our suggested ink setting, printing directly from your favorite art program, you can produce quality printed film right out of the box with or without a RIP. If you haven't done so already, check out the printed film samples in the image section above. As you can see these pictures were taken on an exposure unit. Canon.

The image on the top was printed with our suggested 'Rich Black' ink settings from the Epson drivers. The key to getting dark films without a rip is to set your art file up as a cmyk image and set every channel to 100%. This will force the printer to print from more than just the 'photo black' cartridge. Also you need to use the 'Premium Presentation Paper Matte' setting from the Epson driver setting. Using our all black ink system and using these simple settings will get you really nice film. So do you need to spend $500+ for RIP software?

The answer is yes and no. If you're a smaller shop that isn't doing much in the way of fine detail or halftones then you can get away without a rip.

If you're printing a lot of film and could benefit from being able to produce halftones and print spot colors then we would definitely recommend a RIP like Accurip or FilmMaker. If you look closely at the second image in the printed sample film above you will see that not only the rip will give you really dense films it will also hold the detail better. The kit comes complete with a set of our refillable ink cartridges pre-filled with our FD Black Dye ink and a 100 sheet pack of our waterproof film.

Our ink system will give you superior performance at a fraction of the cost of our competitors ink solutions. The FD 13' Film Output Solution Includes: • New Epson 1430 Printer - 13' Wide Sheets Standard Format Printer • 6 Refillable Cartridges pre-filled with our uv blocking ink,comes with auto reset chips no chip re-setter required • Our new bad ass ink filling station. Makes refilling the cartridges a breeze! It will refill all six of your cartridges one time with ink to spare! • FD MonoChrome Film - 100 sheet box of 13x19' waterproof Film, Fast Dry Time, Waterproof • Instructions - detailed instructions Epson 1430 Printer • Epson 1430 Printer Maximum Printer Width: 13 inches • Software & Drivers: Includes printer drivers • System Requirements: Mac or PC FD Black Dye Ink and Refillable Cartridges Our kit is unique in that it utilizes a refillable all black ink system. The cartridges have auto-reset chips installed. This means that every time you remove and reinstall the cartridge(s) it resets the ink count to full.

So no more running to the store because one of your ink cartridges runs dry. Simply use our new filling station to easily refill the cartridges. Our ink is also a lot more affordable than our competitors one time use cartridges. We've calculated that each refill will cost you roughly $5.00 in ink. Compare that to $25 a cartridge for the single use cartridges. Our FD Black Dye Ink is specially formulated for film output.