Epson Stylus Tx121 Service Manual

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Epson Stylus Printer Driver Download

Cases: Epson TX121 Printer 2 red lights flashing alternately error Epson TX121 2 red lights blinking error – When press start, the Epson TX121 is not turned on. – After enabling the Epson TX121, it appeared two red lights flashing alternately of ink and paper icon. – Photo description of Epson TX121 red lights blinking error: – For printers having an LCD, there will be an error message as shown below: Epson TX121 red lights blinking reflects on computer – Setting printing command for Epson TX121 printer but cannot print and notice one of the error: Service Required – Parts inside printer end service life, waste ink pad counter overflow error. – “Printer near end service life” or “printer end of service life” – “Parts inside printer near end service life” or “parts inside printer end of service life” – If you use to check the amount of waste ink, you will see the error as below: - This Counter Has Reached Its Limit And Need To Be Reset. Avada Wordpress Theme Nulledphp there. Ink Pads Are Full.

- This Counter Has Reached Maximum And Will Need Reset Before The Printer Can Used Again. Reasons cause Epson TX121 having 2 red lights blinking error – During printing, when completed one printing job, the printhead will automatically clean to “smooth the printing head”, as well as making the printhead to provided sufficient amount of ink to the printer to make the most beautiful and sharpest prints. – During head cleaning cycle it dispels ink from its nozzles and tubes down a waste pipe into an absorbent pad, these pad are contained in a tray (under printhead) which is called Waste Ink Tank, also known as the waste ink tray. The waste ink tray has its sponge to saturate the ink pad, which prevent the waste ink from flowing out to other parts of the printer, avoid soiling the machine or electronic circuit fire. – If you print a lot, the amount of waste ink under the printhead will be filled over time, when the waste ink tray is full, we must replace new Waste Ink Tank, if not, the Printer will not print and there will be a 2 red lights flashing alternately error==>Blokir Nomor Hp Tanpa Software Update more. the main reasons is here. – According to the manufacturer’s capacity, Waste Ink Tank is big or small ->this decides the number of prints more or less. Usually, if printed text (5% ink coverage), the machine will print 3,000 ->4,000 pages (printhead cleaning a few times), and if prints (ink coverage of 20% – 40%), the machine only prints 600 ->1,600 pages (printhead cleaning several times) is filled with the waste ink tray.