Ecs Hp Mcp61pm-hm Nettle2-gl8e 6150se Am2 Motherboard Manual

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Ecs Hp Mcp61pm-hm Nettle2-gl8e 6150se Am2 Motherboard Manual

Descargar Manual De Servicio Canon Ir 1310. Download manual for hp pn 5188 7687 - Computers & Internet question. The ECS MCP61PM-HM motherboard otherwise known as the HP Nettle GL8E motherboard.

Jan 17, 2013 . Seems like the 2.2 is a new version.

It supports a • Phenom with Quad Core technology (AM2+) up to 9600 (up to 95 watt) The link below has the specs of your original MOBO. Hi RobPu, I have searched everywhere. I even entered a chat windows with Compaq & asked for a site to download the manual for Compaq Presario SR5015LA Desktop PC which has the motherboard MCP61PM-HM in it. This board was made by ECS known as EliteGroup. Still nothing. Forms for the most part do not help, only with drivers.

Drivers for the board can be found on Compaq's web site. But the manual will not download. That's what is needed to hook up the front panel pins to you're case. I even looked for other possible boards who's layout was close to the MCP61PM-HM. I did find other Compaq PC's that also had the same board in it but after looking through the manuals, not one actuallys shows where to plug the front panel LED's on to the board. Because Compaq does not support a user changing out their case for another. There is no money in that.

For the most part RobPu, system boards share some things in common. I am posting a picture for you. This pic is upside down for you so try & work with me here. Hook up you're LED's as shown. This should work for you. Pin 1 is you're starting point.

This is standard for ECS boards even if it's being sold by Compaq. Like I mentioned, for you it is posted unside down. Try it, I'm sure it will work for you. If I can help you further, feel free to post.

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