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How to Download Photos From a Canon Camera to My Computer. Camera -- such as the Canon Rebel, Canon EOS 600D or Canon IXUS 70 -- to your Windows computer by using. How do I use Picture Style? (EOS REBEL T3i/EOS 600D) Solution. What is Picture Style? Digital cameras record images after applying an electrical correction process for color tones, brightness, and contours to the signal output from the image sensor. Using Picture Style, you can set what kind of corrections you are going to make before shooting.

Hopefully this can be made into a sticky and people won't have to search too hard to find a Picture Profile that they would like to try. Most are free to download, some cost a small amount for the work that was put into them. But hopefully others will contribute and add new ones as they find them or become available. I'll ask that if you list one to please put a discription to it to help people understand what it is they are looking. A link to any videos shot with it would also be helpful in deciding. So here's a start: Technicolor Cinestyle - This was a joint venture between Canon and Technicolor to create a PP that was very edit friendly. Hp P4515x Printer Driver Download on this page.

It needs to be color corrected, but it also gives you a large dynamic range to work with. You'll have to sign up to download this style, but it's cool. Marvels Cine Picture Style v3.4 - This is another well used, and well documented PP and style that a lot of people use. It is definitely not as flat as Technicolor’s Cinestyle but offers a great alternative in some situations. It loves to be CC'ed, but it can be used without any correction, but most do some post work when using it. Here is a page at Marvel's site that has other Marvel PPs to download and try.

Too many to list here. Cinema Picture Style - This one costs $19 to download, but many think it is worth it. I have been using this one as of late and I find it very interesting. It's a finished PP, meaning that it doesn't need post work CC.

Hp Laserjet P2014 Printer Driver For Windows 8 Free Download on this page. It can stand on it's own, but it does take to CC very well if you want to do that. There are a lot of cool videos to see what this PP looks like at the link above. I find that it works better for me in different situations.

No one style is perfect in all lighting conditions. - A PP that needs to be corrected in post.

Notes From Jorgen 'I have developed a new type of flat picture profile for the Canon “d” series video DSLR cameras. This profile has been devised and tested using the Canon 5DmkII, a MacBeth colour card, two different calibrated light sources (3200k & 5600k soft floods), Adobe Color, Adobe Photoshop and a few software tools I have developed myself. This picture profile uses 10 S-curve node points and mathematically wraps correctly around the existing build-in Standard Profile S-Curve. Goals were striving for correct colorimetric reproduction (no weird chroma artifacts), no gaps or bumps in the resulting curve, linear behaviour in the skin-color-exposure range and a few more points that are described in more detail by Martin Beek on his weblog. There you can download the picture profile and read about it’s uses for video shooters (I’m a colorist and mathematician, not a film maker). Go have a look and use it for free in your camera – happy shooting!'

- - Based of the FAITHFUL profile. Faithful is just like NEUTRAL only adds a touch more saturation to the highlights and midtones, and also pulls the midtone and highlight exposure down very slightly. - Curve is not extreme, and is very gradable in post. - Totally removes any muddy/terracotta/plast​ic look to faces. - Totally removes any noise issues (assuming you’re properly exposed).