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Posted : adminOn 9/11/2018
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Mantra Pushpam In Telugu

Some time back, I had an opportunity to attend 'Maha Rudra Maha Yagna' in sanatana dharma temple, Artesia, California. Ridwiks chanted Rudram Chamakam throughout the yagna. Though I have heard Rudram Chamakam many times before, this particular yagna paved way to look at this great Mantra in an entirely different way. To give a brief idea, this mantra has numbers in it. It specifically talks about odd numbers from 1-33 and multiples of 4 from 4-48. What's so special about it?

'Mantra pushpam' also emphasizes water as the base for everything. It is interesting to note that this mantra is also from the Yajurveda. Gd Library For Php Install Curl here. You can read the literal meaning here. Sai Mantra Sai Devotees can Now Download PDF. Pls click on the Activation Link inside the mail to start Receiving Regular Mails from Us. Mantra Pushpam.

It is from Taitriya Samhita from Krishna Yajurveda. This mantra is taken from one of the 4 Vedas, (Vedas as such do not have a beginning or an end) and the concept of mathematics is discussed here, precisely in odd numbers and multiples of 4. It is really astounding to note this.

Hp12c Classic Version 4.2 Serial. We are in a belief that mathematics came into existence once humans are evolved (as per evolution theory) and when civilization started. But it was discussed in this mantra which originated from the Krishna Yajurveda. Hp 520 Driver Software Free Download. Sanatana Dharma time cycle is infinite and cyclical, so are the vedas.

That makes it really special. TWENTY ONE: The twenty one important vulnerable parts of the body. These may be the bridge of the nose; above the ear; the philtrum (groove between nose and upper lip); the point of the chin; Adam's apple; the clavicle (collar bone); the armpit; the solar plexus; the bottom ribs; the abdomen; the groin; the inner wrist; the shins; instep ( the arched part of the top of the foot between the toes and the ankle); the nape (which is the base of the cerebellum); the upper back; the coccyx (or tailbone); hollow of the knee; the calf; the Achilles tendon. FORTY EIGHT: The number of letters in the Jagati chhanda or metre. Connection to Science: The purpose of this blog is to see the science behind Sanatan Dharma concepts. Hence I always try to research when I find unique notions. As such, the projection of numbers in Chamakam kindled my curiosity.

Why only odd numbers until 33? Why only multiples of 4 from 4-48? Why not other numbers?

Is there a reason for this? Or just coincidence? According to me, nothing is said simply in our scriptures (This is my faith and you can very well disagree) but they have deep hidden meanings. Smart Label Printer 220 Software. As such, these numbers should also have something hidden in them. So I went online to do some research. What I found really amazed me. Take a look: According to Dr Sasidharan: 'These numbers represent a polymer chain of molecules that form apa or water that enables evolution of life and intelligence, and apa is nothing but the nitrogenous base pairs of the DNA.