Default Printer Changes To Adobe Pdf

Posted : adminOn 9/6/2018
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Default Printer Keeps Changing To Adobe Pdf Windows 7

Oct 03, 2016  I had a user who every time she logged in, she would have to change her default printer to one of the network printers she uses, because her default printer would always revert back to a local printer, such as the XPS Document Writer. Changing Adobe Acrobat Reader's Default Printer Settings We're in the process of implementing an Enterprisewide forms solution that will generate electronic forms, populate them with data, and then convert them to pDF's and deliver them to a website for our users.

I have a default printer which is a network printer for 99% of my printing. However, I do use a local printer when printing checks.

I have the default set to the network printer and that is what I have set for the past several years through Windows 7 and now with my Windows 10 setup. Download Fonts Epson Ttfs. Since the latest November update, my computer keeps changing the default printer back to my local printer for no apparent reason and without notice. So when I go to print something, if I don't take care to check, I send it to print on my checks. What is going on and how do I fix it? This is a great OPTION. 1800 Php Scripts (web Developers Mega Pack).rar on this page.

Microsoft, like many companies, think we are morons. They continue to remove options or set defaults that override human control.

This standard setting has not changed in the last 2 decades, until Windows 10. Light switch up is on. Let's change it.This has actually been an option on Mac OSX for a long time, not surprised that MS has followed suit as they seem to quite often. The only reason it's more obscure to power users is that we tend to be creatures of habit and rather than navigate through the fancy new 'Settings' metro interface we go to 'Control Panel' >'Devices and Printers' like we have in all previous versions of windows.

Setting this switch to OFF still doesn't stop Windows 10 from automatically changing the default printer to any NEW printer it finds, either locally connected or on any accessible network. I connected a new Canon printer by WiFi to my network, intending for it to NOT be used by my desktop, but Windows 10 silently and without permission found it, installed basic support for it *and set it as the default printer* without informing me it had done any of that. So then when I went to print to my LaserJet, 'WTH? Why isn't it printing?' So I checked Printers and there it was. Download Driver Canon Ip1880 Windows Xp.

A setting to NOT have Windows monkey with the default setting should actually mean DO NOT CHANGE THE DEFAULT PRINTER EVER FOR ANY REASON. Then Windows 10 changed the default printer *again* with that switch off when I turned on my HP Photosmart 3310 (which has a failed ink system but still works for scanning). When Windows finds a new networked printer it should *ask the user* if it should attempt to install it or ignore it. If you tell it to install then it should *ask the user* if the user wants to set it as the default - which in most cases will be NO.