Canon Lens Repair Manual 70-200

Posted : adminOn 9/6/2018
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Canon Lens Repair Manual

Canon EF LENS IS USM Instruction. Canon Service Center at cost ENG-4 5. To use only manual focusing (MF), set the focus. Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM Instructions Manual, Instruction, Parts Catalog, Instructions.

WARNING - This will fix the slipping manual focus issue but you will lose Auto Focus and risk burning out the Auto Focus motor if you use it in AF! If you have one of these lenses, a Canon EF 70mm - 200mm f4 L IS USM, then you will know that they fail after a few years. The manual focus will seem disconected from the focussing glass inside. I bought mine secondhand from eBay and I remember it was slipping very slightly then, about three years ago. It got progressively worse since then. Now it's completely useless as a manual lens! So watch out if you are buying one from eBay or a second hand camera shop.

But if you do happen to have one and you need it to work in MANUAL ONLY then here is a very simple fix that turns it into an even more amazing lens than before! At NO cost to you. Castle Zagyg Yggsburgh Pdf Printer. You do have to be a little daring but here I walk you through the process of mending it and then at the end of the video I show you just how to put it back to it's previous condition.

I paid exactly £500 for this lens. New, they're around £1,200 and to get one fixed professionaly by Canon, it would cost about £300 to £350 or as in one case un USA it's $300 for a repair. See this video which has nearly 4,000 hits from unsatisfied Canon users looking for a repair: A week ago I (Tim Hollingworth) was looking for a fix for my lens and posted just that in the comments, below the video.

Thanks to 'Video DSLR Tutorial' for showing us the Canon design problem and the proper steps to getting it repaired. Now every photographer or cameraperson with one of these Canon lenses will now be able to do their own repair, simply, cheaply and most effectively. You will end up with a lens that is even more useful manually as it now will have two settings. Let me explain because this is soooo awsome! If you turn the focussing ring clockwise to the right towards infinity untill it becomes stiff and difficult to turn it will now be in a special NEVER before seen, brand new mode of operation. When it's in this mode you can focus the lens swiftly and accurately between near and far, from the closest 1.2 meters all the way to infinity in just a 1/4 turn of the focussing ring!

To put it back to it's original manual feel which is a half turn, 'geared' feel, it couldn't be more simple. Just turn the focussing ring anticlockwise or to the left, from infinity towards 1.2 meters or 4 feet. Keep turning the focus ring and it will glide into the middle of a 'soft' area where it will be back to normal operation. Focussing will work as usual, in that it will feel 'geared' and a 1/2 turn of the ring will have a more precise feel as it will travel faster than the focussing numbers in the distance window. I know it sounds too good to be true (I myself was so surprised by this) but please watch the video and do the fix yourself if you don't believe me. Leave a comment below if you have managed this repair and let others know that it is a genuine fix and NOT a fake or scam.

Here is my website blog where I have written out and posted the video on my business website. If you have tried the fix and you are happy that I have saved you hundreds of pounds/dollars please consider a PayPal donation as I am self employed and grateful for your kind offering. You don't have to but I'm sure you will be so happy to get this lens working again. Software Hp Scanjet 2400.